Trying to decide between buying my Moto G5 plus on RW or Amazon

I’m planning on buying the g5 plus, but I’m wondering if the coverage will be adequate if I get the phone from Amazon. Quite a few of the places that I travel show poor coverage on the GSM network. I currently have poor coverage in those places with my first generation moto g. Has anyone noticed better cell coverage after upgrading and using the new network?

I’m not sure anyone can answer that question without knowing where you travel.

As an example:

I live in the DC area. My Sprint coverage here is better than the GSM coverage.
I travel to NYC where the TMO coverage is better.
I travel to San Francisco where the Sprint coverage is better.
I travel to Long Island where the TMO coverage is better.
I travel to southern Florida where the TMO coverage is better.
I travel to central Florida where the Sprint coverage is better.

And so on.

In the greater Boston area…there is better GSM coverage than there was CDMA coverage. So it has been a positive move for us to the 3.0 plans. All our 3.0 plan phones were third party purchases with SIM card purchased either from Amazon or RW.

Since the G5+ is a CDMA capable phone…so, even if you buy from Amazon and end up not liking your coverage…you could submit a help ticket and see if RW can improve your coverage by swapping out your GSM SIM with a CDMA SIM card.

There is nothing inherently different between the CDMA coverage on the old RW phones such as your MOTO G1 and the new 3.0 phones such as the Moto G5+. They both work on the same underlying CDMA coverage provided by Sprint.

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Hi @heidim.ju6ahw

A little bit of a different take.

I got and MXP early last year and found the GSM coverage was non-existent especially in my basement, wheras Sprint at least had a weak signal that mostly worked. Gave up on the MXP/GSM combo and went back to my Moto X2.

Earlier this year I decided that I would give GSM another try and just live with the result until 3.0 BYOD CDMA became available on RW. I eventually surrendered, again, and was about to shelve the MXP , when one day, I noticed several bars of cellular had magically appeared on my GSM phone in the basement.

Been rock’in the MXP ever since. Sometimes miracles do happen.

The GSM network is apparently really being aggressive building out there network.

Just my $0.02, :relaxed:

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