Trying to get a data plan


I’m trying to update my plan for more data and I signed in and it keeps saying “Access Denied 403” and won’t let me any farther no matter what I do.


Are you doing this from your phone (correct way) or from your computer?


Plan changes can only be done by the primary account user. If you are seeing that error message even after logging in as the primary account user…please submit a help ticket


From my phone


Hi @mackenziew.ye9hxz,

I see that you’ve opened a ticket on the matter. Please do make sure that when you are signing in to change your plan, you’re signed in using the E-mail address that is associated with your Republic Wireless account.

If you’re certain you’re doing so, you will need to work through the ticket, as our Community would not be able to fix any login errors on your account.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you.


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