Trying to get a notification for voice mail

I have a Moto Z2 Play. I have the My Choice + 1GB Data plan.

So I have never been able to get a notification when someone leaves me a voice mail. When I go to my phone app and access voicemail it says:

“Activating visual voicemail: You might not receive voicemail notifications until visual voicemail is fully activated. Call voicemail to retrieve new messages until voicemail is fully activated.”

I am not sure what visual voicemail is. I’ve tried calling my voicemail and setting it up as much as I know how (adding a greeting and message) but I am not sure what else I can do to get voicemail notifications.

Visual Voicemail lets you view, listen and delete voicemail messages on your phone in a list, visually, as opposed to having to call into an automated system to listen to. You can play the audio of the message as if it is a media file on your phone, Its very handy and modern.

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How do i tell which CDMA partner I am on?

RW has 2 cell network Partners, CDMA Sprint, and GSM Tmobile.

It will tell you in the RW under Settings, About, SIM Type.

Let’s back things up before we go too far down a rabbit trail.

Republic Wireless visual voicemail works no matter which of our carrier partners serves the phone.

Some phones have their own Visual Voicemail settings. Those can be disabled.


I think you are refering to voicemail transcription, perhaps.

Visual Voicemail is simply the list of voicemail messages and the interface to play or delete them in the Phone app. There is nothing new or recent about the fact that it works with both of our carrier partners.

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Hi @paulc.nsqeds,

Were you able to get the visual voicemail notification cleared?

It doesn’t appear anymore but I am still not getting any notification when someone leaves a voicemail. I get a notification that someone called, but nothing regarding any voicemails that have been left. =(

And you’re sure they are leaving voicemail?

Yes. I can access the voicemail through the google phone app. BTW I am using Should I Answer as my default phone app. But even if I switch to the google phone app I still do not get voicemail notifications.

The usual reason we see voicemail notifications fail to arrive is that there is either no data connection or a specific protocol (MQTT) is blocked by the Wi-Fi network.

In the same Wi-Fi environment where you know you do not receive voicemail notifications, are you able to receive text messages that include pictures?

I have never received a voicemail notification regardless of my location. And yes I do get texts with pictures.

I installed Should I Answer, and, like you, found that I do not get voicemail notifications.

Without uninstalling it, I changed the default back to the Phone app, and still do not get voicemail.

Opening Settings > Apps and Notifications > Phone > Notifications, I find that “Voicemail” is unchecked.

I looked at Settings > Apps and Notifications > Should I Answer > Notifications and there is no “Voicemail” option.

If I enable the voicemail notification in the Phone app, it sticks, even if I switch back and forth between Phone and Should I Answer. Now if “Phone” is default, I’ll get voicemail, but if Should I Answer is default, I will not.

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