Trying to get past shattered Moto X Pure screen

I just dropped my MotoX Pure and the screen is shattered. I tried to do the unlock pattern with my finger, it failed 5 times, and now my phone is shouting an alarm PLUS won’t let me unlock it. Yikes.
I’m trying to unlock it so I can hook up Messages for Web by scanning the code, so that I will at least be able to text until I can get the screen repaired.
I would appreciate ideas or advice you have for me. (Also any advice on getting the screen repaired… I have an Assurant protection plan from when I bought the phone on Amazon, but it’s a $99 deductible.)

Hi Anika,
I’m mostly unavailable today so I’m converting your personal message to a public message so our members can offer suggestions. That way you’ll very likely get help more quickly than you would waiting for me to come up with some ideas.

Hi @anikad.eyyw7t,

I’m sorry to see no one has had any ideas for you. Here’s what I’d do if I were in this situation.

First, install Republic Anywhere on your computer. That will allow you to keep up with your text messages. If you’ve never used it before on your phone, you will not see your contact’s names, only their phone numbers, but at least it’s still a short-term solution to keep you in touch. The file to install Anywhere is here:

Next, you mentioned that you tried to do the pattern unlock and it failed. I’m not sure from what you’ve written whether you can see what’s on the screen but it’s not registering your touch everywhere, or if you can’t see it and you’re just guessing at the location?

If you can see what’s on the screen but it doesn’t seem to be registering your touch, an USB OTG adapter would allow you to use a USB mouse to unlock the phone. I demonstrated that here Recovering Data Off a Broken Screen Moto X First Gen

I think as far as looking at getting the screen replaced, the cost is going to be pretty close to your deductible, no matter where you go. Considering the prices some dealers have on the Moto X4 right now, that doesn’t seem to be ideal. You might start, though, by checking with Motorola support.

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Thanks for the point-by-point suggestions!

I’ve downloaded Anywhere (wish I’d already had it on my phone).

I can see what’s on my phone’s screen, but it won’t register my touch to unlock it. I’ll try getting a USB OTG adaptor, which would come in handy anyway if I want to use my phone as my main CPU and plug peripherals in. (Which I’m considering doing.)

And you helped answer questions that were floating through my head, like is it worth paying $99 to have the screen fixed, or might it be a better option to pay a little more and get into a newer phone. (Though I’m still perfectly happy with my 2-year-old X Pure.) I’m looking into the Moto X4.

Any other suggestions on good replacement phones under $200 (ideally under $100) with a pure Android system? I don’t mind refurbished. And/or are there exchange programs, where I could trade my X Pure for something else, and then someone would fix the screen and have a great, still usable phone?

If you’re an Amazon Prime member the Moto X4 at $120 is hard to beat: Even if not a Prime member, at $145 it is still a darned good deal:


Thanks for the links. Those are both really good prices, though they come pre-installed with Alexa, and the Prime Member phone comes pre-installed with other Amazon apps.
One of the things I love about Moto X phones is the stripped-down Android experience. My Kindle Fire tablet came packed with Amazon pre-loads, and it drives me nuts.


The non-Prime version at $145 or $174 (depending on color) has no Amazon gunk on it: and


If you can’t find a USB OTG adapter locally, I have one at my desk I could send you, or if you’re in a bigger hurry (I believe you mentioned being almost local) you could drop by and get it from me.


Those are still pretty good prices, especially since I have a $99 deductible on the repair plan. Thanks, @louisdi

Hi @anikad.eyyw7t,

B&H also has the X4 64GB/4GB Android One version available for $200 with free fast shipping.


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Thanks for the offer, @southpaw. I can probably get one pretty quickly from Amazon. Do you have a link to share of the one you’ve used and are satisfied with?

Hi @anikad.eyyw7t,

I acquired and like this one:

I picked it because it’s future proof. It works with both the new USB-C plugs and older Micro USB plugs.


@rolandh ~ Thanks for the link!

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New wrinkle: I was thinking of ordering the screen on eBay for about $40, and armed with some youtube videos and a local person who said he could help, fix the phone myself.
But now I notice that it doesn’t hold a charge for long when unplugged. Does anyone know if this indicates the battery has failed, or if it’s a consequence of the screen damage? It might be beyond my capabilities to replace both the screen assemblage and the battery.
I’d like to salvage it if possible, because it’s an awesome little computer, even if I don’t use it as my phone.

The damaged screen is unlikely to have anything to do with the battery. Most likely it is simply reaching the end of its life.


I appreciate your response, @louisdi

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