Trying to keep hope alive for my smashed moto x


phone was out of protective cover. i dropped it. screen shattered. there is no picture but it still makes sounds like it is alive. only black with a few lines of dots across screen. is it possible that if i replace the glass it may work properly?

does the phone automatically back up to a server? if i get a new moto x and transfer the phone number will my data such as my all important text messages and contacts repopulate on my new phone?



It’s possible a screen replacement [glass and digitizer] may restore the phone

Contacts should be sync to the Google account on the phone [assuming you did not disable this]
Text unless backed up by you are not auto backed up

If you hook up the phone to a computer do you see any folders ?



Hi @kathleengabel,

Please visit on a computer, and log in with the same Google account that’s on the phone to see if your contacts are synced. If they are there, then when you sign in on another Android phone with that same Google account and allow them to sync, they will appear on the phone.

Likewise, log into to see if your photos are backed up.

For text messages, install Republic Anywhere on a computer and sign in with your Republic Wireless account credentials. While it won’t sync your entire text history, it will sync your most recent text messages. You can find the link to install Anywhere to your computer here:



thank you so much for answering. i dont have a computer but once i get access to a friends computer, i can check it out…if i see folders, is it possible to locate my texts in a folder? they mean so much to me and they also contain so many lovely pics.

i never fully understood my phone so i didnt know how to back up my texts

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thank you!!! thanks for making the time to answer


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