Trying to limit cell data on third-party apps to only use Wi-Fi


I generally do not use cell data, I am always around Wifi if I want to download or stream anything. Some applications like Youtube and Spotify had a problem of running on Wifi, and when I am out of a wireless connection it doesn’t stop downloading. Instead apps like Spotify will turn to using the Cell Data without any notification or warning. I have background data turned off for any non standard app, but I would like a way to forbid an app from using cell data at all. No phone manufacturer seems to have an option for this and it boggles my mind!, have not found an app to do this either.

So, I noticed that Republic Wireless just updated their app and there is a button for Data Tools. There is an option called Data Freeze and I tried to turn this on, but it never works. A message box pops up saying Republic Wireless would like to set up a VPN connection to monitor network traffic…only accept from sources you trust…and when I tap the OK option it does nothing. The screen never freezes and I can cancel it just fine, but this has never worked for me.

*) Has anyone had success with the Data Freeze option?
*) Does anyone know of a way to prevent application from using cell data if the WIfi disconnects and you are actively using the app? (I consider this foreground data, since there is an option for background data)

Final Thoughts:
If I could find a way to prevent cell data from running on certain apps then my cell data would only be used on the road. I try to save it for times when Wifi is not available at all, like for camping or travelling long distances in a vehicle. I have ran into a few instances where over half of my data was used by Spotify or Youtube because it switched to Cell Data and I did not know.

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year!


the Data freeze should be the full cell data off option (other than the Republic Wireless needs for Texting and call setup) Unofficial guide to RW App for My Choice Plans

for the best data controls I recommend a 3rd parry VPN data management tool like


Thank you for that app, it provides me with all of the control I want!

Also, I figured out why the Connection Request window did not work when I clicked OK. Apps that try to mimic a blue light filter and overlay the screen prevent users from selecting OK. Turned mine off and it was accepted…go figure.

The link is older but still applicable.



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