Trying to make a call I get a busy signal

I have only been a member for a week. But when I try to make a call on cellular data I get a busy signal. which means, without Wi-Fi I can not make any calls??? I’ve tried my work # as well as an 800 # & all I get is a busy tone.

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Hi @paulm166,

As a starting point, please try “VoIPing” your phone: How to VOIP Your Phone – Republic Help.

Beyond that, we would need more information to provide meaningful assistance. Brand, model and generation of phone would help. As would knowing the zip codes where you’re having this experience.

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It says I need to have Wi-Fi to do that.
Moto G4, android 7.0, zip code=93705

Indeed you do need WiFi for that and many other troubleshooting steps. I understand you are unable to make calls when away from WiFi, however, do you not have access to WiFi at all?

Just when I am at home or a hot spot like starbucks. also I notice that the republic icon at the very top left of my phone is never a solid arch, it’s always a “not filled in” arch?

We need to take one step at a time. Are you able to make and receive calls when connected to your WiFi network at home. A hollow arc usually means you are connected to the cellular network for calls. It will never be solid when away from WiFi. Is it solid when connected to your home WiFi network?

I did all those steps, at home now, so far can only make calls on WiFi, not while on Cellular data. Filled out a ticket with republic a few hours ago, but got nothing back from them

If you can help us by answering the questions that are being asked you can likely get help here more quickly that through the ticket. In addition, the folks handling the ticket are likely to ask the same questions, which without the answers to, they can’t help either.

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