Trying to recover android accounts

What phone do you have? nexus 5x

What plan are you on? cheapest, whatever that’s called

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? no data

Issue Description

cannot recover my android emails and you don’t recognize my last 4 digits. 3 days now…

again, why in ■■■■ do you advise someone to do a factory recovery without preparing me to recover my accounts???

Marc… This is a customer-to-customer community forum. No one here told you to do anything. If you factory reset a phone, while the phone is locked, the mandated by law “kill switch” is activated. In order to get access to the phone you’ll be required to log back in using the Google account and password that were on the phone prior to the reset. This isn’t a Republic thing, it is true on all carriers, with all phones.

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Hi @marcj.vdkhwj,

I see that you’ve been working with our Help team on an issue and are not satisfied with the help you are receiving.

Our online instructions for Factory Reset include warnings that all personal info will be deleted from the phone. It also says:

All login information will be cleared; make sure you know your username and password for all apps and accounts (Google/Gmail, Facebook, Republic Wireless, your banking app, etc).

Our help team is trying to work with you on the many issues you are facing. Please focus on one thing at a time, stick with that until it is solved, and then move on to the next thing. By doing so, our team can have a better understanding of the errors you are seeing, the steps you are taking, and whether one issue is related to another.

They are eager to help you resolve the issues and get your phone in working order.

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No need to be sorry, I understand your frustration, I just didn’t want you to get even more frustrated by not getting the response you were expecting with your post.

now I’m offered a chance to provide my outlook password. I cannot do it.

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