Trying to register a phone and google play services has stopped

I posted another thread about getting a G4 to replace my old moto G that died. The G4 doesn’t work in my area so I bought a Moto X and will send the G4 back. I am now trying to register the Moto X but every time I try it says unfortunately google play services has stopped and it takes me back to the beginning.

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This happens sometimes. There is a work-around in this thread:

Moto X (2nd Gen) Google Services Not Working After Factory Reset

I was getting that message before the phone was even set up. I skipped that step and now am trying to log on to google but I am getting the following message

"checking info…

Couldn’t sign in

Can’t establish a reliable connection to the server."

The phone I got doesn’t have a SIM card, not sure if that has anything to do with my issues or not. I am really disappointed, I was more than happy with my old Moto G and would have been happy with the G4 if I would have worked in my area. Needless to say my recent experiences have been less than pleasurable.

How’s your WiFi connection?

Wifi is fine, I can use everything on my G4 but only youtube on my Moto X. Anything that requires setup or login will not work on the Moto X

Have you considered factory resetting the Moto X and starting from scratch? What happened to its SIM card? They are supposed to stay with that model.


Is this a RW purchased or a BYOD purchased phone? If BYOD you need to buy a Sim card, RW phones come with a sim in the box or sometimes installed already. Have you checked for a sim card in a box , looks like a Credit card that has a punchout.

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*** ** Is this a Moto X Pure OR A Moto X1 gen or Moto X2 gen? OP has clarified Moto X!*

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I would try clearing YouTube data and disabling the app in phone settings. May not help but worth a shot.

@bocephous I think he has a Moto X (1st or 2nd Gen) since he said he bought it because there wasn’t GSM coverage in his area. @jasonm.9x2ijp can you clear this up for us? This is important because 3.0 phones like the Moto X Pure are not being provisioned at this time due to a service issue.

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Yes its a Moto X I purchased second hand and the pervious owner kept the sim card. He said he would send it to me but I see I could also order one from RW. Would the sim card be causing me my google issues? I haven’t cleared/factory reset the G4 yet because I don’t want to lose anything. DO I need to do that before google will let me on it on the Moto X?

The SIM card you could purchase from RW is for the new 3.0 phones and will not work in either the Moto X (1st Gen) or the Moto X (2nd Gen). It’s only purpose in those models is to gain access to LTE data. You should have the person you bought it from send it to you, otherwise you will have to open a service ticket to get a custom SIM for the MEID your phone has.

I’m not sure what your goal is with respect to the Moto G. If your phone number is on the Moto G, and if you are going to send the Moto G back, you need to factory reset the Moto X and then activate it as a replacement for the Moto G. When you do this, the number will transfer from the Moto G to the Moto X and the the Moto G will be deactivated.

Once the Moto G is deactivated, and presuming you bought the phone from RW and are in the 14-day return period, RW will automatically email you a return shipping label. Before you return it you need to 1st remove any screen lock (PIN, etc.) and then factory reset it. Once deactivated the SIM in the Moto G is rendered useless since it cannot be reactivated.

Do you know which model Moto X you have?

Its a 1049, and I do plan on sending the G4 back. I haven’t completely reset the G4 but my number has already been transferred to the moto X. Right now I’m just trying to get all of my data (contacts and apps) transferred over to the X. I have no internet access aside from youtube though so I can’t log into any of my google accounts.

If your number has transferred then you also have internet access to Republic Wireless. It sounds to me like you are having an authentication problem when attempting to log into your Google account. Could this be a problem with 2-step authentication? You could log into your Google account from your PC and turn that off until you get the phone logged-in.

Did you try factory resetting the phone and starting from scratch? This will take you through the Google authentication process again.

Hi @jasonm.9x2ijp,

The Google Play services has stopped message is part of a larger issue. The issue just emerged as the result of a recent update to Google Play services. Google is aware of the issue and currently has a specialist team working hard to resolve it.

For its part, Republic is also working to isolate the issue and is in communication with Google regarding it.

Sadly, for now, it’s a matter of waiting as Republic and Google work to get the issue resolved as soon as possible.

If you wish, please open a ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help. Please state in that ticket that “On advice of a Community Ambassador” you would like your ticket attached to Master Ticket 1018243. Republic staff will then notify you when Google has fixed the issue.

@billg my information comes from Republic staff.

Thanks Roland. That is good to know. FWIW I’ve run into problems accessing Google Play after performing factory resets on several occasions dating back more than a year but have found ways to work around them. Apparently things have gotten worse in this respect.

You’re most welcome! Google certainly has its glitches from time to time. This is a specific issue that (to the best of my knowledge) cropped up on Thursday. The only workaround, at the moment, is sideloading an old version of Google Play services, which I’m hesitant to suggest unless someone really wants to try.

Yes, I saw that work-around in a different thread. Is this happening to everyone? I added a warning in my last post to this thread:

Deleted Keyboard, Now Can’t Unlock Phone

You might want to add your own insights there.

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I know it’s happening to those factory resetting phones on Lollipop (and probably KitKat). I haven’t yet seen it on Marshmallow or Nougat but can’t rule it out. I’d guess it would happen if someone were to sign out of their Google account on an affected phone without factory resetting as well.

Just had to factory reset my Moto G (1st gen) today, & it looks like we just have to wait till Google irons this out, right? Google updates often annoy me so much! Cant do anything by way of apps etc till they fix the Google Play Has Stopped malfunction.

Is there a way to transfer my contacts and apps to this phone? When I set up my G4 everything transferred right over but as of now I have nothing on my Moto X. I need to factory reset my G4 so I can send it back but I hate to do that if there is a chance I will lose everything.

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