Trying to set up moto G7 for Travel to Europe

I’m going to be traveling through Europe starting next week, and I am trying to get my phone (it’s a moto g7) set up. The articles on International travel give helpful tips, but when it comes to integrating my service, there is no option for step 5 - Calling Accounts.

Does anyone have any insight, or perhaps a different set up/ option where I can use a moto g7 abroad?

I use WhatsApp and WiFi When travelling to call home. There is also Messenger., Basically any app that works on WiFi. Make sure the people you want to call also have these apps. You cannot call landlines in the US while abroad. What I have heard people do is exchange their sim for a European one. But since there is WiFi virtually everywhere, these apps are free and most folks have a cell phones, why spend extra.
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Hi @seanw.i0nlgo and welcome to the Community!

The article you reference that mentions integrating service is for calling international numbers other than Canadian numbers. Is that what you wish to do (be able to call European numbers while traveling there)? I ask because none of the services mentioned in that specific article provide cellular coverage in Europe and would be limited to when your phone is connected to WiFi there.

In any event, quoting from that article:

Integrating Your International Service

The method for integrating your new international service varies depending on phone model. I’ve arranged for testing on as many models as possible. That said, if the phone specific guidance doesn’t work for you, please try Zoiper.

Unfortunately, some manufacturer’s modify Android sufficiently that integrating doesn’t work, so a separate app (I suggest Zoiper) is necessary. The entire article is linked here: Calling International Numbers with a Republic Phone.

If the goal is cellular coverage in Europe that’s a different process and would involve acquisition of an alternative local (in country) SIM from a service provider other than Republic. More detail on all that is linked here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.

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Hi @arnelat.0m3ewt,

A point of information; a phone using Republic service connected to WiFi anywhere in the world is quite capable of calling any U.S. or Canadian number including landlines. For calling back home, there’s no need to use WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or other third party apps.

A phone using Republic service lacks cellular coverage when outside the U.S. but when connected to WiFi behaves as it does when at home.

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