Trying to transfer my number



I’m trying to transfer my republic phone # to another provider’s phone. I need to close my republic account and transfer the number to Virgin. Virgin did what they can from their side, but told me to contact republic if the change hadn’t happened in five hours. It’s currently six hours later and …nothing. Please help ASAP


Hi @roberts.e7ehuy,

I’m afraid the process doesn’t work as Virgin has described it to you. Virgin not Republic controls the transfer process. I suggest asking to speak with a porting (telecom geek speak for number transfer) specialist there. Details on how the process is supposed to work here: Anatomy of a Number Transfer.


Hi @roberts.e7ehuy,

It usually takes 7-10 business days to port a number out, and make sure the process is complete. If you’re trying to rush things to avoid a billing cycle date, our billing team will be glad to work with you on that by support ticket. (Please note that they will be out of the office until Tuesday.)


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