Trying to use old republic phone with Alexa app

I’m trying to use my old Moto G5 plus phone just to play music through Spotify on our Amazon Echo. I’ve never gotten the Alexa App to open and sometimes it says no network connection, even though it’s connected to our WiFi. I can download other apps just fine so I don’t think it’s a connectivity issue. Please help!

I don’t know if this is related, but on my Moto G5+, the Alexa app tries to use cellular even when connected to Wi-Fi. In fact, it even burns through cellular data when the phone is in the Data Freeze mode. I’ve been trying to solve this problem and the only temporary solution I’ve found is to put the phone into the Airplane Mode, and then turn Wi-Fi back on. At that point, the Alexa app will use the Wi-Fi. Perhaps related to this, the Amazon Cloudcam app has the same problem.


Thanks for sharing this, I’m actually able to replicate this on a non-Republic phone. If I turn off cellular data but leave cellular on) on my AT&T connected Pixel 4XL, even though I have a solid wifi signal, the Alexa app just stops working. If I put the phone in airplane mode and then turn on wifi, with the cellular capabilities turned off completely, then it works.

This is an Amazon bug, and a weird one.


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