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I got a moto g 4 + a few months ago, and it came with a turbo charger. A few weeks ago I noticed that it nolonger charged in a ‘turbo’ fashion, and it even seems to charge slower than a normal charger. When I have it plugged in my phone still looses battery life. Does anyone know if I can get a new motorola turbo charger, or am I better off finding a different brick altogether?

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Hi @isaacg.0yr6oy,

If you bought the phone new, the charger should be under a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can contact Motorola on their website at:

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

I had a charger that failed and they were very good about replacing it. If you do not have the same experience, please let me know.

A while ago I bought a longer cord than the one motorola gave me, and I guess it doesn’t support turbo charging. I found the original one, and now I got the little turbo popup and everything.

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