Turn on ringtone

My phone will not ring for incoming calls… Just vibrates.
I’ve tried to follow the directions in the Sound section, but so far nothing is happening.

You didn’t mention your phone, but check in the “Phone” app…Settings/Sounds and Vibrations. Or something that looks close to this.

If you don’t see anything, please post your phone specifics and Android version if you can.

My phone is a Moto 4x. I don’t know what the current Android version is, except that it is the most recent update.
I’ve tried every combination of things in the settings, restarted it, talked to it sweetly, and nothing works. I’m sure there is a very simple answer, but I’m a tech zero.
That’s all I can think of for now.

Hi @judiek,

I’m sorry if what I’m going to describe is something you’ve already tried, but it’s hard to know what “everything I can think of” actually consists of, without a list to go by.

So let’s start here:
On the side of the phone there’s a volume up/down button and a power button.
Press the volume-up button.
A little volume level indicator will appear on the screen. Make sure it shows a volume level that’s high enough that you can hear it.
While still looking at that little volume level indicator, look very closely at the little icon (picture) that is at the top of the volume level indicator. It will show one of three things. Tap it to make it change and keep tapping it to see it cycle through all three choices. Each one means something different. One will mean “no notification”. One will mean “no sound, vibrate only” and one will mean “sound is on.” The phone will exhibit each behavior as you cycle through them - so when you’re seeing “no sound, vibrate only” the phone will vibrate just a little.
Tap through those and make sure sound is on. Do you hear the little sample sound it produces to let you know sound is on when you press the volume-up button?

I have two additional suggestions:

  • check your manual for settings help (available online)
  • find a “phone literate” friend with an Android phone…most Android phones look very similar from a settings perspective. Ideally, find someone with a Moto phone.

It worked! I was thinking that the vibrate meant “vibrate in ADDITION to ring” because my phone didn’t give any sample sounds or buzzes. But now I know what to do.
This tech zero appreciates the advice… Once again, I’ve outsmarted the tech gods with assistance.

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