Turning on data

How to turn on data. The " buttons" for turning on data don’t work/activate. Lost data connections somehow… Electrical storm?/ Mistake? / malware?

Hi @chasa,

Could you give us a little more information about your situation?
Which phone are you using?
Is the data connection you’ve lost the connection to your Wi-Fi network or cell data?


And the obvious question, does your current phone plan have data included and is it currently active or has it expired?

Well it seems that for some reason my account was deactivated. I have an ongoing ccard based payment plan so it should not have been cut off. Just before going to extremes to do a factory reset, I was notified that my phone was reactivated. Why ? I don’t know. Operator error ? Admin error ? Malware on the last (suspicious, from a friend) email I opened ?
But I’m up and taking, messaging. Thanks, Chas

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