Turning on Roaming Data

What phone do you have?
Samsung Galaxy S10e (new) Android 9

What plan are you on?
Choice Plan, Talk/Text/1Gb=$20/m

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

I can not find a way to turn on Roaming data. It should be my decision if I burn up data while roaming, not RW.

It isn’t possible to “burn data while roaming” as your plan doesn’t include roaming data so the data use is system use and it isn’t part of your service (meaning it isn’t the data you’ve purchased, if you’ve purchased any). The reason you’re told to turn it on is because the system uses it for texting/calling and the phone requires it to be on to work properly.

Directions on how to turn it on are here:


If your issue is inability to get data access where you used to…then it is possible it might be a coverage issue.

Can you check what type of SIM card you have?
Open your Republic Wireless App
Tap on :gear: -> About
And look for SIM Type

If it says GSM (which is T-mobile) you might be able to improve your coverage by requesting a CDMA (Sprint) SIM card

Thanks, but actually the phone will not let me utilize data while roaming…my old phone did. FYI my phone SIM is using GSM. Coverage in Maine isn’t great, but I’m mostly on WiFi, but when I have a good roaming signal, I’d like to have option to use Data (maps for example)

Why doesn’t the plan allow use of data while roaming? If I run out of data and need to buy more, that should be my prerogative. My phone won’t allow me (at least as far as I can determine) to use data while roaming. The link provide did not match option on my 2019 Galaxy S10e.



The plans available since July 2016 don’t have user access to roaming data. As to why, I can’t specifically answer but I can guess. Since roaming data on the Refund plans was $274.50/GB it was impractical to use in any significant quantity and Republic likely made the calculation that the engineering effort required to make roaming data available to the user and bill for it at the needed multiple, while preventing accidental use, while still allow system use, was too complicated and costly (especially including the support costs of shocked users finding their data used at that price) versus the user benefit of having access to roaming data.

That is interesting because until 1 week ago, I could use Roaming data on my old MOTO X with the refund plan. Unfortunately, that phone and Android 5.2 became unstable. Not much of an upgrade…I’m paying $5-8 more a month now and can’t use Roaming data. In Maine, roaming is frequent, and now I have no access to maps when I need it the most. Maybe time to go to a real provider.


Correct, which is why I indicated phones available since July 2016 and specifically mentioned that roaming data was available on the Refund Plan.

Hi @douglasd.1s0vbg,

Are you sure you were using roaming data on the Refund plan? Under the terms of the refund plan, roaming data is consumed at 18 times the rate of non-roaming data, which makes it get used up terribly fast!

Your Moto X1 would have been using CDMA, and there’s a fairly significant difference in coverage between the two in your area. Requesting the CDMA SIM card would very likely provide you more access to data.

You mentioned using maps, twice. Did you know Google maps allows you to download maps while you’re on WiFi to use offline? This would allow you to have GPS without needing roaming data.


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