🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


Hi Community!

In honor of one of the season’s most omnipresent earworms, we’re kicking off a Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway in Community tonight. As with the song, each night the number of prizes will increase, but we won’t be giving away the previous day’s prizes over-and-over again!

Each day from tonight through January 5, we’ll be giving away items from the Community Treasure Chest.

Our Ambassadors, Experts, and Insiders (those who currently have the Insiderbadge), are not eligible for this giveaway.

Each day the requirement to win may be a little different, the prizes will vary, and you can win only once.

Prizes will be mailed out next week.

You may want to set this topic to “Watching” (see the options at the bottom of the topic) so you’re notified each day when that day’s prize is announced.


Here we go…

:musical_note: On the first day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:

:notes: One Kingston 32 GB class 10 Micro SD card :musical_note:

(You didn’t think we were going to give away a partridge, did you?)

If you’d like to be tonight’s winner, reply below with a photo showing something you enjoyed about today.

Day one’s gift has been awarded to @dons.bfemfx.


No takers on the Kingston SD card, so it it still up for grabs.

I did receive a backstage comment from someone who had understandably thought I had lost my mind and pointed out that Christmas is over. Let me just clarify that despite what any advertising you might have seen recently would lead you to believe, traditionally, the Twelve Days of Christmas begin on Christmas day. There’s a lot of work involved in getting ready for Christmas and then it’s over so fast, so we’ll use these extra 11 days to stretch out the fun a bit.

Day two…

:musical_note: On the second day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:

:notes: Two (Republic Wireless) baseball caps :musical_note:

(You should all be very thankful I’m not uploading audio of me actually singing this.)

Today’s two lucky winners will be the first two people to reply here with an explanation of why they’d rather have a Republic Wireless baseball cap than a turtle dove.

One of day two’s gifts has been awarded to @benjaminf.haklmn.
The second of day two’s gifts has been awarded to @dannyr


Seems like everyone is too busy playing with their new Christmas toys!


That’s fine, unlike all the birds in the original song, these gifts won’t fly away.


day 1:



Day 1:

Because I’m still a sucker for cute stuffed animals and yesterday was a day to spend with family here’s a pic (I just had to do 2, sorry!)

Day 2:
A) I had to look up what a turtle dove was, and B) I love having RW swag to let people know who my favorite carrier is, Plus I’ll wear a baseball cap all the time. I was going to put my RW stickers (that I now have misplaced somewhere) on a baseball cap I have, but having a real one would be so much better!


Hi @dons.bfemfx,

Now I want ice cream. :icecream:

I’ll get in touch with you by personal message to see where I should send the SD card.


Hi @benjaminf.haklmn,

One of the two Republic WIreless baseball caps is yours. I’ll be in touch by personal message for some additional details.

Thanks for participating, and that’s a lovely tree!


Thanks @southpaw! Much appreciated!

Thank you very much! The tree is actually one of the older styles where you still have to put all the lights and everything on it but that’s part of the fun of decorating it!


To warm up everyone for tomorrow. Here’s 4 calling birds.


Because I would need the Republic Wireless baseball cap in order to not suffer the consequences of having a turtle dove ^%$$ on my head.


Well, at least, one would want protection from what a turtle dove might leave behind on their head! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @dannyr,

I’ll message you personally to get some details and we’ll make sure you get one of the two baseball caps to you so you have nothing to worry about if all these Christmas birds should show up at your house.


It was a travel day for me today, so I nearly missed it… but with half an hour to spare (Eastern Time) here we go…

Day three…

:notes: On the third day of Christmas, Community gave away… :musical_note:
:musical_note: Three Moto Mods :notes:

Today’s Twelve-day Giveaway will be limited to three people with a Moto Z (or Z-Play) phone on their account. (I’ll be checking). We have three Moto-Mod JBL Soundboost speakers. To claim yours, simply reply and explain why a Moto Mod JBL Soundboost speaker is better than three French Hens.

One of the three Moto Mods has been awarded to @bobgod8
One of the three Moto Mods has been awarded to @muerte33
The last Moto Mod has been awarded to @hd14.


Have you ever heard just ONE French hen?? Deafening at 3 am, 3:30 am… Etc. I can’t imagine 3 of them. I’d need the speaker to drown them out, at very least.

On the other hand, if I didn’t have the hens, the speaker might just be loud enough to simulate them. But at least I wouldn’t have to feed it?

Moto Z Play. My second one actually :smiley:


The Moto Mod JBL Soundboost speaker if placed close enough to my head could drown out 3 French Hens, but not 3 French Horns.


Thanks @bobgod8, one of the Moto Mods is yours. I’ll be in touch by personal message for some details.


@muerte33, I would not advise putting the speaker close to your head, even in the event of a French hen infestation, nonetheless, one of the Moto Mods is yours. I’ll be in touch by personal message with details.


Thanks @louisdi for priming us for today. Community is not giving away four calling birds but…

Day four

:musical_note: On the fourth day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:

:notes: Four USB-C cables :musical_note:

We have four Belkin Charge & Sync USB-C cables (for USB-C device owners only) because you always seem to need another charge/sync cable. (Fun fact: The USB-C cables are so scarce in our office that one of our technicians named one of our Wi-Fi networks “Please Return USB-C Cables” because they kept walking off.)

To claim one of these four cables, just reply to let us know what Republic Wireless phone you have that is USB-C compatible. (I’ll be checking your account :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) and if you want to be creative, you can tell us how a calling bird might use a USB-C cable.

Four USB-C cables have been claimed by:

  1. @northbest
  2. @jhelton1233
  3. @whitneya.gj3iwz and her :cat:
  4. @SamuelC