🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


As requested


Moto keylink would definitely fit on my keyring better than ten lords-a-leaping. And with three Moto Z Plays in the family, one of us is always misplacing keys or the phone. Ten lords-a-leaping couldn’t keep up with our keys! My son dropped my keys into a roll of wallpaper in the hardware store one day, I sure wish I had the keylink on that day!


A Moto Keylink is a better gift than ten lords a-leaping. Could have used one when returning from Paris, my keys were still packed when we arrived at our car parked in long term parking. It took awhile to search through all four bags.


I once found my keys in the refrigerator. After looking for two days.


The Moto Keylink is better than ten lords a-leaping because you can use it to find your keys or phone. I always misplace my keys or phone especially when I’m in a hurry to go somewhere. Sometimes, I wish I have something to find my keys or phone.


We have a good number of day nine and ten gifts still available, and to them we’ll add…

Day eleven

:musical_note: On the eleventh day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:
:notes: Eleven Moto Power Pack Slim 5100 battery packs :musical_note:

Tell us why you’d rather have a Moto power pack than eleven pipers piping. The first eleven people to do so will receive one as our gift. (No double-dipping, if you’ve already claimed a gift, you cannot have another.)

(Keep in mind, the Moto power pack comes outfitted to be used with a phone with a micro-usb port, but you can use this power pack with your own charging cable if your phone has a different connection.)

Power packs have been claimed by:

  1. @natea
  2. @davidh.8j9abs
  3. @alicef.p8gw7e
  4. @annak.31je5h
  5. @ford44
  6. @sighet
  7. @jaseiter
  8. @mattb.twxvvq
  9. @planetherapist
  10. @megann.5avhtg
  11. ?


For newer phones using USB-C connectors something like this would allow for use of the Moto Power Pack Slim 5100’s built-in cable: Anker USB-C (Male) to Micro USB (Female). I use a similar adapter with a Pixel 2 XL.


That’s a good option, too, but I don’t want anyone to think they must buy an adapter. The power pack has a standard USB port, so any USB-C charging cable that you’d use with a charger or computer can be used.



I’m a band director and have plenty of pipers who pipe. Eleven more wouldn’t be helpful. A battery pack however would be very helpful! :slight_smile:


A ceramic mug is much better than nine ladies dancing because HOT TEA! Nothing refreshes and soothes like a warm cup of tea morning, noon, and night - 365 days a year - every year. Nine dancing ladies would get pretty boring after a while, no matter how good they were.

12 Days of Christmas

A battery pack charging silently is much better than pipers piping loudly.


A Moto keylink would be invaluable to my aging, forgetful ways, especially against the nightmare of lords leaping everywhere! The worst place I lost my keys was in the alley dumpster…throwing out the trash!


Bumping this thread!
Thanks R.W. (and especially Southpaw) for the 12 days of Christmas!


The twelve days of Christmas giveaway is such a neat idea. I just wish I would have learned about this sooner. :slight_smile:


There’s still items available and 1 more day tomorrow. Scroll through the the thread and, perhaps, you’ll see something of interest?


I will keep my eyes peeled. :smiley:


A Moto power pack will keep me powered up to listen to music other than Piper’s pipping!


The Moto Power Pack is better than eleven pipers piping because you can use the Moto Power Pack to charge your phone when it’s low or out of battery. Sometimes, I need my phone to call someone, but can’t use it because it runs out of battery.


The Power Pack would be much nicer than the eleven pipers because my partner and I like to camp (when it warms up). The extra battery power means we can stay off the grid longer and enjoy our surroundings more.