🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


The Moto Power Pack is better than eleven pipers piping because you can use the Moto Power Pack to charge your phone when it’s low or out of battery. Sometimes, I need my phone to call someone, but can’t use it because it runs out of battery.


The Power Pack would be much nicer than the eleven pipers because my partner and I like to camp (when it warms up). The extra battery power means we can stay off the grid longer and enjoy our surroundings more.


Did I miss the 12 drummers?


I don’t think so… I’ve been watching this thread since it started. Plus, @louisdi didn’t post us a cool pic for it!



No @hideed41… I was just enjoying a little Saturday time away. Here they come now…


Last day… I can finally stop singing this song.

Day twelve

:musical_note: On the twelfth day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:
:notes: Twelve Google Play Store gift cards :musical_note:

The first twelve people who tell us why a Google Play Store gift card would be better than twelve drummers drumming will receive a $10 Play Store gift card. Remember, if you’ve already claimed a prize, you can’t double-dip. And if you’re not one of the first twelve, look back through the previous days, I think there may be some prizes still to be claimed.

(And yes, I had to look up how to spell twelfth.)

Google Play Store gift cards claimed by:

  1. @hideed41
  2. @jordanr.beomoe
  3. @Agbauer11
  4. @petej
  5. @SpeedingCheetah
  6. @jumphour
  7. @luisa.kh9ugf
  8. @kevins.k2y5wk
  9. @bcline909
  10. ?
  11. ?
  12. ?


Much better than 12 drummers disrupting my music!!! They also take up too much space in my house.


I have a habit of losing my keys. The first time I lost them at work, I either laid them down somewhere or threw them away by mistake after going to the restroom two years ago. The most recent time of losing my keys, they ended up falling between the middle console and chair. My husband found them thankfully.


Eleven pipers piping would become annoying after awhile. Having a battery that lasted longer, though, would be handy for my traveling.


Hmmm, I thought we had progressed to the 12 Drummers! $10 to Google Play Store would be much quieter than 12 Drummers drumming.


Who needs twelve drummers drumming when you can get 10 drumming apps, each $0.99!


Twelve drummers would eventually get tired, but music from Google Play would never get tired. I could enjoy my music for longer periods of time. (Much more space efficient too)


Twelve drummers drumming won’t help me focus as I grade papers, but a Google Play Store gift card would allow me to get productivity apps which would help me get this stuff all taken care of before midterms.



A ceramic mug would be far easier to explain to my wife than the dancing ladies!


12 Drummers drumming…my apartment neighbors would think it is me blasting my speaker system again…and call the cops…again.

I am sure I can find something to buy on Google Play that I can blast to vibrate the walls and annoy my neighbors.


A Moto Keylink can help me find my keys. Lords a-leaping can’t find anything. Looking for keys should be a thing of the past!


I am not coordinated enough to drum but I can keep my phone humming along with a gift card.


A Moto power pack will keep me listing to my favorite tunes when I am camping and drowning out the eleven Piper’s pipping in the next camp site.


Thank you! The 12 days were fun!