🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


I need a car charger for my Moto X 4 phone . I have one charger and three cars . I don’t need a maid a milkng … She can’t charge my phone .


I will use the car charger with my Moto G4 plus. A car charger would be more helpful than 8 maids of milking because the maids couldn’t help me charge my phone on trips. But they could give me a fresh drink :joy:. A car charger helps keep me connected when traveling!


Hi @larryh.tt5afc,

Unfortunately the Moto X4 requires a USB-C charger, so these chargers would not be useful for you. Are you certain your phone is an X4?


I don’t know where the x came from…?..it should have been an E. :slight_smile:


Hi @brettc.r8k5fx,

My question was to @larryh.tt5afc who mentioned having an X4. You’re probably receiving all replies on the topic in your E-mail now.


We still have a few gifts lingering from some previous days and you can win only once, so think carefully about your options before you reply

Day nine…

:musical_note: On the ninth day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:

:notes: Nine ceramic mugs :musical_note:

Never before seen in Community, we have one Republic Wireless ceramic mug to give to each of the first nine people who explain why a Republic Wireless ceramic mug is a much better gift than nine ladies dancing! :coffee: > :dancer:

RW Ceramic mugs claimed by:

  1. @amyo.2wr1xu
  2. @jamesc.34oh6k
  3. @theresar
  4. @jamesb.pddrxm
  5. @remingtonsmom
  6. @stepheng.8qqxgt
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?



Assuming that this can’t be used with the Moto G3…?


Did they say ushering in 2019, what, what happen Ed to 2018? Man I wish I had a SD card to remember it. Maybe 2019 will bring me a SD card so I can remember.


Hi @amyb9,

You replied to my day nine post about the ceramic mug, which is device agnostic. Just tell us why a Republic Wireless ceramic mug is a better gift than eight ladies dancing if you’d like one.

If you meant to reply to the day eight post, the Motorola Micro-USB Turbo Car Chargers are compatible with the Moto G3. Would you like to tell us why you think a car charger would be more practical than a maid-a-milking?


regarding day 9: the mug is safer cause the wife would neither like the 9 ladies (original) nor the 8 ladies (later) dancing for me.


The Republic Wireless mug is much better because it will not spill your hot mocha, where nine dancing ladies will certainly spill it!


I would like the car charger for my Moto G4 Plus, because my wife will not let me have a Maid a Milking in our car!!
Oh, and it;s my 5 year anniversary with Republic today!!!


And, your user name is perfect!


At my age, the cup would be more important than the eight dancing ladies. Thanks for a great 5+ years with Republic. My wife and I never had a problem that was wasn’t resolved quickly by the community forum responses.


I replied to the Micro-USB Turbo Car Charger, not sure why it stuck me in the other post, as I have tons of kitchen items to give away myself… maybe here??

I think a car charger would be more practical as the eight maids a milking while being lactose intolerant seems to be an issue. Though if I could sell the milk and that would be the next career, and/or are they A2 cows, then that might be acceptable, though goat milk is much more digestible. … ah I digress…

The next problem is that I don’t know if there are any cool gifts left on the 4 days…


Both of my daughters would assure you that if I am in any way involved, “cool” is not likely.

You’ve done such a great job of explaining why a car charger is better than a maid-a-milking, so I’ll be in touch with you by personal message to arrange for you to have the car charger.


You’re right @amyb9, it does show that you replied to the car charger post. I’m not sure what I was looking at previously, and I apologize for my confusion.


Yeah, it did look like it went under the wrong post. I don’t know how those things happen.


Cue @louisdi with today’s interesting photograph…

Day ten…

:musical_note: On the tenth day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:
:notes: Ten Moto Keylinks :musical_note:

Ok, you know the drill by now - tell us why a Moto Keylink is a better gift than ten lords a-leaping. Or, tell us the craziest place you’ve found your phone or keys. The first ten people to do so will receive a Moto Keylink, which is a nifty little device that helps you find your lost keys or lost phone. Some of our members tried them out and wrote about them, here:

Keylinks have been claimed by:

  1. @kathrynm.kumrio
  2. @danski50
  3. @Josh1
  4. @pauleon
  5. @alexandras.5jl4gj
  6. @davidk.ak96j8
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?