🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


Moto x4
USB-C wire for the birds download lyrics from their “C” beaks, and save energy to sing.


Since we’re getting close, here we are for tomorrow.


I just bought new phones for my whole family for Christmas! The four of us “calling birds” could really use some more usb-c cables to help keep our phones charged!! :slight_smile:


We’ve all now got Moto G6s.


I have a new moto X4 and another USB c would be very handy. That way I can use my phone to distract my cat so she doesn’t bother the four calling birds!


An extra cord might be useful for another reason. My cat likes to chew cords. :smiley_cat:


C’mon now! I’m not giving out cat chew toys here!


Thanks @northbest, @jhelton1233 and @whitneya.gj3iwz - I’ll be in touch with you by personal message for some details about sending out these USB-C cables.


I completely missed that there were 4 cables offered… Looks like math and music both failed me! If only I had a type-c cable to charge my Moto G6 so I could listen to the song again or at least use my calculator. Is there still one available?


The cable might make good nesting material, unless the song bird has a Moto X4, like I do 8^)


Hi @SamuelC,

We’ll put you down for the fourth USB-C cable. Thanks for participating!


Hi @rosedoodle,

Looks like the fourth cable was claimed just moments before you posted, but that’s ok, there are 8 days of giveaways to go!


Thanks again @louisdi for prepping us for day five with another interesting light-display photo. I had a hard time thinking of a gift that might be even better than five gold rings, since they are, finally, the first non-avian gift in the song and something of actual value.

Day five

:musical_note: On the fifth day of Christmas, Community gave away :notes:
:notes: Five Republic Wireless T-shirts :musical_note:

We have one Republic Wireless T-shirt for each of the first five people who can convincingly explain why a Republic Wireless T-shirt is better than a gold ring!

Five Republic Wireless T-shirts have been convincingly claimed by:

  1. @rosedoodle
  2. @soypablo64
  3. @abelt.tp96u5,
  4. @jkole
  5. @justind.f5fczc


Convincingly? I’m looking forward to see who’s up for the challenge!


A Republic Wireless T-shirt is better than a gold ring for a couple of reasons: I think of a Republic Wireless T-shirt as a sheath of frugality, worn proudly; and besides, I prefer silver :wink:


It’s a great icebreaker that gives me an opening to explain how much more cost efficient my phone service with Republic Wireless has been over the past 5 years, compared to their monthly bill.




Baby it’s cold outside…those rings won’t keep you warm…you need a republic wireless t-shirt.


That’s nice that you are checking who owns what phone so that the prices go to people that can actually use them.


I had a conversation like this yesterday when we drove home! I had on my Republic tee, and while I was in line for coffee the guy behind me commented that I must really like my cell provider if I’m wearing that. He was amazed at my “satisfied customer sales pitch” and said he was going to check RW out. They are powerful tees.