🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


We’re up to day six, another day of birds if your gift-giver follows the traditional song lyrics.

Day six

:musical_note: On the sixth day of Christmas, Community gave away… :notes:

:notes: Six Taco Bell gift cards :musical_note:

If you think tacos are better than goose eggs, let us know why. The first six people to do so will earn a $5 Taco Bell gift card.

One Taco Bell gift card will be sent to each participant below:

  1. @ceedee
  2. @AUser.Resau
  3. @rosiel
  4. @selfruler
  5. @presleyl
  6. @beachb



The four calling birds are my favorite photo so far.


Oh my…I’ve never eaten at TB. This is not going to win me a gift card! If I win, I’ll donate to my local food bank!


Because gift cards, unlike goose eggs, can be safely sent through the mail…


I’ve never had a goose egg, but I like tacos!


I was thinking…"What does Taco Bell have to do with six geese a laying? " Goose eggs are good protein either way you look at it.


A taco is better than a goose egg because it is easier to unwrap and I do not have to cook it after I open it!



I’m not entirely sure what you mean (I struggle a bit with abbreviations, and there may be some typos in the mix as well). I’m sure, even if you’ve never had either a goose egg or Taco Bell, you can think of some way a Taco Bell gift card might be better? (Be creative!)



I think you just explained why goose eggs are better… but I don’t have any goose eggs to give away. If you’d like to earn a Taco Bell gift card, let me know why the Taco Bell gift card would be better, despite the great protein benefits of a goose egg. (Or, if you didn’t want a Taco Bell gift card, that’s fine, too!)


@southpaw I edited my post.


Finding a Toco Bell is easier than a goose laying eggs.


No geese were harmed in the making of Taco Bell tacos. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Day seven is upon us, though we still have some outstanding gifts for days three and five… you can only win one prize, so read through carefully and choose wisely.

Day seven

:notes: On the seventh day of Christmas, Community gave away… :musical_note:
:musical_note: Seven Micro SD Cards :notes:

We have seven Kingston 16 GB Class 10 Micro SD Cards and will send one each to the first seven people who reply below telling us how they plan to usher in 2019. (But keep it family-friendly, please.)

The seven 16 GB SD cards were claimed by:

  1. @tamic.ieh87y
  2. @reneev.rvsdhk
  3. @klifr
  4. @jolisab.
  5. @joellec
  6. @hawkeye
  7. @chunga0z


Ushering in 2019 with friends and family! No better way to enjoy the moment.


Playing games, watching bowl games, eating food, and taking lots of pictures (which is why the SD Card will come in handy)!


Spending time with my granddaughter. She’s just started to call my “Papa.” Can it get any better than that?


Ringing in the New year by going to church as January 1st is a Catholic Holy Day. Then spending time with our children and grandchildren.


With three kids, and the day off? I plan on ushering in 2019 with an early bedtime, and sleeping in late. Best day I can imagine! :smiley:


I plan on picking up a senior citizen who is visiting relatives and taking her back home. She needed a ride to and fro this holiday season. Happy New Year everyone!