🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


I would love Taco Bell gift card because my senior citizen friends like to go to different places to eat and I give them away to them.



At home watching movies, making pizza & watching the ball drop


Watching the neighbors fireworks.


Regarding the day 3 issue with three french hens–the french hens aren’t so much an issue. In summer and fall evenings we sit by a fire pit listening to music from our Moto Z Play built-in speakers. It’s not unusual to have that sound interrupted by honking Canada Geese. A JBL Sound Boost can be a nice way to deal with the geese and if the weather warms up soon any threat posed by french hens! Thanks!


:tada: Happy New Year!

We are finally in the bird-free zone if you’re following along in the traditional song, but the remaining traditional gifts seem like they could be rather high maintenance. Have you ever thought about what it would take to keep up eight maids-a-milking? :cow:

Day eight…

:notes: On the eighth day of Christmas, Community gave away… :musical_note:
:musical_note: Eight Motorola Car Chargers :notes:

We have eight Motorola Micro-USB Turbo Car Chargers (which despite the name, charge your phone, not your car, of course). We’ll send one each to eight people who tell us what Micro-USB-compatible phone they’ll use it with and who can explain why a car charger would be more practical than a maid-a-milking.

Chargers will be a-charging for:

  1. @brendab.qd1ag9
  2. @pigboat
  3. @scottw.repmi9
  4. @sewhappy
  5. @brettc.r8k5fx
  6. @donnalou127
  7. @sanecow
  8. @amyb9



Happy New Year! I’d use my new car charger with my Moto 5G plus. It would be perfect for me. Although I do like milk products, I just don’t have the space for dairy cows to keep eight maids a milking.


Didn’t receive notification of this until today… So missed obviously six days… ugh, I dunno, how am I so out of the loop, despite my settings?


I’m not sure having a charger is better than 8 maids a-milking. Is there a difference?


Gold rings are not as rare as a Republic Wireless T-shirt. Because of this scarcity, the t-shirt is significantly more valuable and should be used in proposing marriage instead of rings.


I like your style but am not sure a prospective fiancee would agree! :thinking:


Happy New Year! I would use my new car charger for my new Moto Z3 play. All three phones on my account now are Moto Z! We love our phones! The charger will fit better in my car than eight maids a milking will, my glove box isn’t big enough for all of them either!


Hi @kathrynm.kumrio,

Unfortunately, the Moto Z3 Play requires a USB-C connector and these car chargers are Micro-USB. Keep an eye on this topic, though, there will likely be a prize in the remaining days that you’ll be able to use.


I would use the Car charger to keep my Moto G battery from dying while driving on vacation. Maids a milking? Well, considering the fact that I don’t own a cow (but used to live near a dairy. PEEE UUUUU! Stinky places.), having a maid a milking would be a worthless endeavor on my part.


I will use my new charger with my Moto G 3. A maid-a-milking just wouldn’t fit on the dashboard.


I’ll use the charger to power my Samsung S7 which has a constantly dying battery. Unless I could convince those maids to clean my house, they wouldn’t do me any good. I don’t have cows and can’t drink cow milk.


I’m not tech savvy enough to know what the name of my Motorola E4 charger is, but I’ll happily use this charger to give my phone enough energy to keep me out in the forest all day enjoying the below zero weather.


I need a car charger for my Moto X 4 phone . I have one charger and three cars . I don’t need a maid a milkng … She can’t charge my phone .


I will use the car charger with my Moto G4 plus. A car charger would be more helpful than 8 maids of milking because the maids couldn’t help me charge my phone on trips. But they could give me a fresh drink :joy:. A car charger helps keep me connected when traveling!