🎄 Twelve Days of Christmas Community Giveaway (2018)


A Moto Power Pack would be far more useful when I’m traveling, and small to pack - none of those extra baggage fees that would be incurred by bringing eleven pesky pipers with me.

Thanks for the fun event, RW and southpaw!


I’d love to see nine ladies dancing but not sure I could take it before my morning cup of Jo. And a RW mug would fit in my cupboard better than nine ladies.


Because, well, coffee.

12 Days of Christmas

Thanks to everyone who has participated in this topic! It has been fun and I believe we’ve made the USPS very happy with all the shipping labels I’ve printed. There are just a few prizes left, so I’ll leave the topic open through 1/7/2019 then any unclaimed prizes will go back into the old Community Treasure Chest.

Those who participated here, now it’s your turn to help someone else win a prize. Take a look at our current Community Challenge and vote for your favorite automations. That challenge ends tonight (1/6/2019), so we need your votes!


Great contest. I’ve got plenty of extra battery packs, and if I bring home another mug for the cabinet, I’m liable to have one thrown at me, but who couldn’t use a gift card for the Google Play Store.


seeing how today the last day her are what is unclaimed [days 1 - 8 are all claimed)

2 of the 9 Ceramic mugs

4 of the 10 Moto Keylinks

1 of the 11 Moto Power Pack Slim 5100 battery packs

4 of the 12 Google Play Store gift cards as it looks like @kevins.k2y5wk will get one


I’m sure you could find some awesome drumming songs on Google Play that might actually sound better than 12 drummers drumming!


A really cool Republic ceramic mug is better then nine ladies dancing because it is easier to relate to. All that confusion and commotion of trying to coordinate nine different ladies is a dance routine oye, makes my head spin. A nice mug, full of warm comforting beverage is just the ticket.


I already have access to numerous ladies dancing as a part of my square dance club, but I could use a Republic Wireless mug for my coffee! I know that I am not eligible in this contest because I have already claimed a prize on a previous day so I am hoping that the mugs will be a prize in another contest soon because I really want one!



The Twelve Days of Christmas giveaway has now ended and I’ve contacted each person who claimed a prize. Thank you to everyone who participated!

If you think you claimed a gift and haven’t heard from me, please check your messages here in Community (click your picture or initial at the top right of the screen, then click the envelope to view your inbox). Or send me a personal message by clicking my picture and then clicking the word “message.”

The remaining unclaimed prizes will go back into the old Community Treasure Chest and may resurface at unexpected moments… but maybe not twelve-days-in-a-row-in-increasing-numbers-until-your-Community-manager-is-buried-in-shipping-labels-and-cardboard-boxes again any time soon.

@selfruler, I do have more mugs to give away, and will look for opportunities to do so, but first I want to make sure those I’ve sent get where they are going in one piece. I don’t have much confidence when it comes to shipping fragile items.