Twitter does not recognize my Samsung Galaxy Republic phone number

My Republic Samsung Galaxy 9 phone number comes up as “enter a valid phone number” when I tried to log in on Twitter. Nothing works so I am locked out.

Unfortunately, that is the known behaviour, and is something that Republic can’t control

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Hi @michaell.map921 - if you truly are locked out of your account, here is a link to the Twitter help page regarding getting help with a locked account. If you have an email address associated with your account, Twitter should sent instructions to that address. There is also in link for contacting the Twitter support team.

And here’s a link to the Twitter help page for How to use two-factor authentication. As the article @jben provided shows, text will not work with Twitter. There is an option to sign up via an authentication app.

Hope these help.

Tried that. This is what I get (and entering a phone number stops the process). 1. Log in to your account.
2. Look for the message letting you know Your account has been locked .
3. Click or tap Start .
4. Enter your phone number. Please note that we will associate this phone number with your account.

Hi @michaell.map921 - Have you tried the Twitter Contact our support team link?

I am not a Twitter power user. Posted those links to try and help get you started on accessing your account according to what Twitter says you need to do. Twitter can probably provide more help in this case.

Maybe other Community Members will have some suggestions too!

I’m afraid my suggestion won’t be particularly welcome news. There is simply no way around working with Twitter support to regain access to a locked account. Alas, my personal experience with Twitter support has been lousy.

Thanks. I suspected as much. I’m resigned to life without Twitter. I appreciate your response.

I’m convinced that Twitter has no humans manning their customer service. I get robot replies no matter what I type in. 2020 my new Twitterless life has begun. Thanks for your response.

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