Twitter will not accept RW numbers

My issue is similar to Registering RW number at Twitter

however the work around does not work for me.

In the linked thread it is recommended to use google voice, however GV will not allow me to use this number. When exploring why that is I suspect because phone numbers are recycled it is likely someone had the number I now have before I did and also signed up for google voice. Read about this issue here:

At any rate. Twitter locked me out of my account for some reason I can not yet figure out. To get back in I have to pass a google recapture (which I did, cause I’m human obviously) and I have to register a phone number with them so they can send me a text. They will not accept the RW number and I can not get a GV number to point to my RW number. I can not even contact twitter support for some reason because they say I have tried to many times and I have to wait (i waited a day, still does not work)

I realize this is not twitter support, but this is a rather big issue with RW … in the linked thread southpaw said that someone was investigating the issue but no follow up was made…

Hi @karene.ea8t99

Despite efforts made by Republic, Twitter and others continue to reject Republic numbers for authentication purposes due to their status as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) numbers. VoIP is the technology powering the WiFi side of Republic’s blended WiFi/cell service. There is nothing Republic is able to do about this classification nor is there anything Republic is able to do about Twitter’s policy other than ask them to change it, which, to date, Twitter is disinclined to do.

You’re also correct, it’s quite possible someone used your current Republic number previously to claim a Google Voice number. In that case, the best available suggestion is one in the Google support thread you reference. Do you have another number available besides your Republic number that might be used to claim a Google Voice number? It need not be a mobile number.

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no, we have not had a land line in over 10 years, this is the only number I have.

Google has put their foot down on the issue in that thread saying that they are not going to change it and that not everyone is entitled to a GV number.

so RW can’t do anything, google wont do anything, I can not even manage to contact twitter about the issue.

oh well, twitter was a time ■■■■ anyway I guess…

seems crazy that having a RW phone would cause me to be forever locked out of my twitter account though.

Sadly, this pretty much sums things up.

I agree, however, the combination of Twitter’s policy regarding VoIP numbers and the total lack of helpfulness of Twitter support (I’ve tried myself) is the reason.

Republic would love to persuade Twitter and/or Google to be more cooperative here but the reality is both of those entities are orders of magnitude larger than Republic. That number one might use doesn’t necessarily need to be theirs. You might consider “borrowing” a friend’s number. Once a Google Voice number is claimed, unless something has changed, you’ll be able to point GV to your Republic number. The “borrowed” number would only be necessary to get the GV number.

Creating a new Twitter account…seems to be folks issue.
If you have had an existing Twitter account, I have for 10yrs or so…long before I was on RW, i had no issues changing my number in Twitter account, to either RW or GV.
Infact, i just changed it to a different GV number as one of mine is being spammed each day.

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