Twitter won't send a text message to my phone to verify account


Many years ago, when I first got my phone, I had a problem with people using it to verify my accounts on Google and some other sites.
Then the problem stopped. It seemed to work on everything.
Yesterday I tried to add phone security to my Twitter account I could not. Twitter said my phone was no good.
Next I read a support post that said this problem might be solved by getting a Google phone number and they suggested that it would be solved in version 3.0.

Here is the meat of the problem. I have a 1st Gen Moto X. I have never upgraded since that phone because I don’t need to. It is that good. Eight GB of storage and no expansion slot is plenty for me…

Do the newer phones have any problems with Twitter verifications. Is that why I can’t verify the account? Will buying a new phone get me past all these problems.

My Twitter and other accounts are all old, so they required no phone numbers back then. Am I going to experience this when i try to add a phone number to those accounts. Or if I want to create new accounts.

Anyway, will a new phone fix it?

Thank you for considering this question.
(to any other 1st Gen Moto X users out there, I am sorry for the betrayal, I may have to upgrade)

also, if the upgraded phone will work, any suggestions on a phone for me, I don’t need a lot. I rarely take pictures, I would only use additional storage for keeping books on, I DO use google maps a lot, so a bigger screen would be nice and faster internet would be helpful too. I only get 3G on my phone. I don’t want to spend 500 bucks on a Moto Z but i don’t want to buy a piece of ■■■■ either. I just need a good, solid, middle of the road phone.


No. This has been discussed many many times already.

Twitter (and many other services) do not accept VoIP/Wireline numbers, which is what R.W numbers are classified as by the FCC.

That being said, I have used my Google Voice number to get Twitter SMS fine.


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