Two carrier partners, who?


… and ~

“An obvious example is that we don’t build our own cell towers across America; we contract with two major carriers to provide cellular service.”

Who are these 2 major “cell tower” carriers? Sprint & ?who?

My experience is Verizon and US Cellular have the best Coastal NC cell tower coverage. That is probably why the AB/EI island had lengthy RW service connection issues after hFlorence’18.

**power was out for 5 days so no “wifi” RW capabilities either ~

Republic Wireless 11/29/18 outage update



a Republic phone is one partner of the other and not both at the same time
if the Republic phone is CDMA then it’s on the Sprint network
If the Republic phone is GSM then it’s on the T-mobile network (though Republic contract will not let them say it)
all Legacy phones are CDMA
most 3.0 phone can uses either and the SIM will tell which network to use (note some 3.0 phones are GSM only)


… T-Mobile?
Well, that answers the coastal NC lack of “cell” coverage via RW ~
Sprint & T-Mobile. :frowning_face:
I already tested the GSM and CDMA options on my s7edge. No real diff.
Thanks ~


No wonder I have almost zero cell coverage where I live in NH. Sprint service here is horrible. I have maybe 1 bar of cell service, if that. During our last snow storm and power outage, I could not even get through to the power company to check on restoration. Very disconcerting! Not sure if T-Mobile is any better.


Tmobile is the best network in my tests. Fastest as well. They beat out Sprint and VZW in all my tests in my area. (Twin Cities, MN)