Two days two questions, no tracking number

So, another day and no answer to a simple question- has my phone shipped. Apparently it’s been handed up to a “management team” to answer my question. Order placed on the 3rd, card charged on the 3rd. Pull your fingers out guys, it shouldn’t be this hard.

As much as I hate to say it, I’m getting a definite impression that some of the people working on this pile of problems are in over their heads.

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There was an issue where phones ordered on that date apparently did not go into fulfillment. Once that became apparent late this week, staff have been getting those orders shipped out. Tracking numbers are available now for many (although not all) orders from that period.

It took a week for my new phone to arrive and I never received a tracking notice

12/16 - SIMs Ordered
12/21 - SIMs Shipped
12/23 - SIMs Received
12/30 - Got email notification that SIMs shipped

This was my experience with TWO orders (four SIMs, two SIMs per order).

Hi @jamesr.azin8o,

Our agents and our fulfillment center are in completely different places and operate on completely different systems. And right now some of those systems aren’t communicating with each other.

The agents do not have access to the answers you want. We are keeping them updated with daily reports of the orders that have shipped, as the fulfillment center makes that data available to us.

If they don’t have your tracking number on the spreadsheet they’ve been given, they can escalate the question to management to have your order researched, and it sounds like they’ve done so.

I’ve found your order and will DM you with your tracking number.

thank you.