Two factor authentication update?


Any updates on coordination with social media, and other apps to allow RW phones be used for verification?There seems to be no communication between RW and Twitter, as well as other apps as I’ve read here and elsewhere that require a cell phone number to communicate via sms. Are there plans to resolve this? Or, is this a signal that we should be moving on to another carrier. I do understand that RW may at some point be unable to keep up with things as they change. I am feeling a need to bring this to a conclusion. What say you RW?

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Hi @lieselg.jdhkgv,

I’m not RW, however, I don’t see what Republic might do other than ask providers of service such as Twitter to recognize Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) numbers are every bit as capable of receiving text messages for 2FA (and other things). For what it’s worth, given the inherent insecurity of SMS, using it for 2FA isn’t a terribly great idea anyway.

Republic numbers are what they are. There’s no changing that without changing the fundamental nature of Republic’s blended WiFi first service.

For now, the best option is for us as individual consumers to do what we can to encourage the companies whose services we use to recognize Republic numbers can do that which they need them to do. That said, I have come up with a workaround that convinced Viber to accept my Republic number: Getting Viber to Register a Republic Number. The thought has occurred to me, the method might work with other services.


Thanks for replying rolandh, but it may be much easier to change carriers as apps are becoming part of everything now - your bank, your work, your doctor, your pharmacy, your security, your investments, your shopping, etc. The inherent insecurity is always something overlooked by everybody, of course, but here we are.


I can always do email communication, but that is for now. Automation is taking over.


The decision as to whom to do business with (inclusive of Republic) is one each of us must make based on our own wants and needs. For me, to date, I haven’t found a third party service that doesn’t accept Republic numbers which I wish to use badly enough for me to consider switching. I fully appreciate what works for me might not work for others.


It’ll be sad if things can’t be remedied. Try and get a Millennial to fire up a laptop (LOL) they only use phones. RW sure was a neat little thingy. sigh


The issue is not R.W…it is the nature of Voip numbers and the companies that do not accept them.
There is nothing R.W can do as it is out of their hands.
Only you, the user, can complain to the company u are trying to use that will not take R.W number.

There are a few threads that already discuss these issues.

The further issue, that is very much not limited to R.W, is that since no Identity verification is done for VoIP and Pre-paid accounts, many services that require a phone number for such verification purposes do not accept these. That will most likely never change as that is a Federal Level thing.