Two phone numbers and no email confirming my phone number? Both numbers send and receive

Anyone know how i wound up with two numbers after activation? Both ring to my phone. How to correct This?

Hello @robertw.rfxerg

all Republic phones have 2 numbers to handle Republic Hybrid VOIP first/Cell networks

1 is the Republic number which belongs to you and is serviced by Republic former parent company and now partner Bandwidth (this could have started as a bandwidth number or be the one you ported in)

the other is a Carrier number and is serviced by the Carrier, and is only for incoming calls and may change without notice this number does not belong to you the end customer.

when you are on Cell Republic still tries and find your phone on WiFi and then forwards the call to your phone via the underlying carrier number, and when you make a call on cell your phone actually calls republic servers over this number and Republic transfer the call to where you dialed

In addition to the above information, you may want to see How to find your phone’s Sprint number and stop unwanted calls or texts to that number from @carlh for some additional background (most still applies to the 2nd carrier that RW has added for the GSM)

See this comment for additional information from @rolandh that covers how to find your GSM number

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