Two Phones - Same Account or Separate Accounts


I have had a RW phone for over a year. Now we want to get a smartphone on RW wireless for my husband. What are the pros and cons to adding his phone to my account versus creating a separate account for him? If we create a separate account for him, can we both use the same email address for our accounts or do they have to each have a different email?


The main benefit would be having only one monthly payment. No actual cons for most folks. My understanding is there is only one account available per email. If ya’ll like to keep things separate maintain two accounts.

Ever forget a password? Site asks for email. Never had multiple passwords sent. Must be a security thing.


Hi @connieb.oicvqo

If you are looking to add your husband in, there are a few ways of doing it.

If you want to add him to your account, this will let you have one account. This way, you have only one bill, once place to update everything if you need something changed (change in credit card, address, change phone numbers). This however also limits certain functions such as changing the plan to the master account. You can assign the number to your husband as a secondary user to so he has separate access to certain parts of the account as call logs and Republic help. You can see more about republic help here: (My Account – Republic Help)

At this time, I don’t think you can split accounts into two whole separate accounts yet easily so that is one thing to think about.

Having two separate accounts means you have two bills (but you can use the same credit card), two places to manage and update your information if needed. Two emails to log in to change plans for each phone.

They both work but they work in different situations.


Lots of good advice here,
Each account needs it’s own email
If you 2 already only have 1 email I recommend a second email [Gmail] to be used on the new phone no matter the status of 1 account or 2 accounts as Android sets up to Google accounts and if same email is used on both phones you see each other contacts, emails, searches, photos, etc…,


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