Two phones suddenly cannot connect to cellular data

We are having the same issue on our CDMA phones. My son just received a new phone on June 12, a Samsung Galaxy A51, and he is having this issue. Cannot text without wifi. Also cannot access his cellular data. My phone is a Moto G6 and I’ve been having this issue for a couple weeks now. It pops up and says that I’m not connected to a network. I’ve had my phone for probably two years. So a brand new phone and an old phone. Our zip is 26601.

I tried to refresh the republic app on both phones. It comes up and says our phones aren’t activated and we have to finish the activation process and restart the phone. I did that.

Hi @jamieb.tbj03u,

Follow these steps to be sure the A51 has a CDMA SIM card:

I suspect this is a coverage issue for that phone. If he does not have a CDMA SIM card, we’ll need to get him one.

For your own phone, please try refreshing the cellular configuration with these steps:

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And you would be correct!! We have an incorrect SIM in my son’s Samsung A51. How do we go about getting the correct SIM?

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I’ll open a Help Ticket on your behalf to get that taken care of today.


Thank you, thank you! I really appreciate your help. :grinning:

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