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Phone Samsung Galaxy S7
Plan is Beta $25 plan
Unlimited everything

Question:. Can I retrieve sent and received text messages? I know I had them and when they were because I see them in the call/message log on my account. In this digital age there has to be a way to retrieve them even if they are not on my phone anymore…

If you deleted them (or your phone deleted them based on an app rule), they are likely gone. SMS/MMS messages were never intended to be archival messages.


unless you backed up the text with a backup app (like SMSBackupRestore ) they are long gone
Republic Anywhere can re-sync the last 30 days but you will lose any text on your phone from before then (and this would be unrecoverable) though if you just want to see a text with in the last 30 days one could install Republic Anywhere on a PC or tablet and it should be there)


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