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SMS to foreign countries do not work with moto g4 android 7. It was working with defy and lg phones. Republic gives message that phone number has to be no more than 10 digits. Foreign countries have more than 10.


Republic does not provide international service
Calling and texting to International numbers are not suppose to work

the Defy and LG Optimus S were beta phones and even then this type of service was not supported

the work around is to use an app to app type service (like Whatapp) or an over the top service (like Google Voice)


Calling and txting are two different things. Txting is very very cheap. Republic is not supporting now under 3.0 is to contain cost. Please confirm.
Lg and defy were just fine with txting.

Also nowhere it was mentioned about support upto10 digit numbers only.

Regards, Hari Agrawal
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Hi @haria,

You’re quite correct, text messaging is, generally, less expensive compared to calling. @drm186 is also correct, international text messaging has never been supported by Republic. If it worked for you, that would have been a bonus as it never should have.

Republic supports calling and text messaging only to U.S. and Canadian numbers. I’ve seen reports that text messaging but not calling does sometimes work (again not supported) to other NANPA numbers. Like U.S. and Canadian numbers, these international numbers are 10-digits. I’ve yet to see a report (other than yours) of any Republic phone being capable of sending text messages to international numbers more than 10-digits long. Receive, yes. Send, no.

Official word from Republic here: International Service – Republic Help.



Note: Phone numbers must be 10 digits (area code + phone number).

AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile charge $0.20 - $0.25 / text for international unless you are on a plan or buy a package that includes international texts.


Is it possible to allow some international txt messages free. Perhaps 10 per month?.

Regards, Hari Agrawal
"Essentials for success are patience, purity, & perseverance".​


Can txt messages be free under wi fi?

Regards, Hari Agrawal
"Essentials for success are patience, purity, & perseverance".​


Hi @haria,

For the most part, folks answering you (myself included) here are fellow customers not Republic employees. I’m sorry to be the bearer of unwelcome news, however, Republic simply does not support any amount of international texting at this time. Once again:


I have a brother that wants everything his way. I tell him a program software,apps,or whatever he wants to do isn’t supported in the form he is using. I get told that they need to fix it. My response is write a program yourself because this is mass produced & is in final release. Long story short this isn’t Burger King , there are something’s you just can’t have your way.
Sorry but 3rd party apps are the workaround here!


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