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Phone Brand: Google (Motorola)
Phone Model: Nexus 6
Phone Generation: XT1103
Plan: N/A yet
Plan Option: N/A yet

##Issue Description
Hello, I’m trying to activate my new SIM I just received, but after inserting it, running the RW app, logging into my account, and pressing the “Get Started” button, the app seems to stall out and fails to proceed to correctly load the next screen. “Type of Activation” is the title of the next screen that loads, but aside from the header, the screen is white. Screenshot is attached. The only option to choose at that point is “Cancel” and when I do so, the app proceeds to load a screen that reads “Your activation is underway” (screenshot attached also) however, when I reopen the app, I’m brought back to the startup screen again with a request to login to my account once more and the process repeats, without ever activating the account. There is a background notification that reads, “Activating your phone,” but again, nothing comes of it.

Any help on how to proceed with activating my new account would be appreciated. Please keep in mind I’m also planning on porting my current number over to RW, if that makes any difference. I’ve tried rebooting the phone and reinstalling the RW app, but the problem persists.

The phone’s build number is NBD92G and there is a ticket I opened a couple hours ago (#1180166).

Thank you!

Hi @evanwhat!

Have you waited an hour to see if the notification goes away and the phone proceeds with activation? Additionally, is the software up to date?


Yup, waited 3 hours now and software is up-to-date.

Hmm…how long ago did you open the ticket?

Not long, 5 or 6 hours ago. I decided to post here too and see if the community had any ideas after reading a comment from one of the moderators on another thread that the tech help does not have authority to activate accounts.

Thank for the reply @evanwhat!

They should be able to help you. Let’s try a couple more things. First, uninstall the app and then restart. Then reinstall it and try one more time to activate it. If that fails, try to clear the cache. There’s a guide here: Clearing the Cache – Republic Help . Let me know it any of those do it. Out of curiosity, when did you create your RW account? Today?


Hi @evanwhat,

Our technical team has assured me they are familiar with the screen you’re seeing, and they’ll be able to sort things out for you. I’ve moved your ticket to their queue. (It had landed in a different queue.) I don’t have an estimate for when they’ll get to your ticket, but I’ve made sure it’s in the right place so you’ll get the help you need.


Great, thank you. A few different Tech CSRs reached out to me (guess there was a mixup with my original ticket). So now they created a new one for me. Anyways, I’ve sent them my IMEI and SIM card numbers and am waiting for their reply. I did try to update my build to the latest version manually, but had some problems getting it to work.

I was able to manually update to the most recent build for my phone (N6F27H) but the problem still persists. :slight_frown:
Hopefully the tech team can figure this out.

Out of curiosity, is that what support instructed you to do?

Yeah, that was the first step they recommended.

I was able to solve the problem. I believe there was an error in the system when trying to activate using my account that was already created. When I chose to make a new account within the app and activation process, I was finally able to proceed, choose a plan, and activate service. Hallelujah! Everything’s been working smoothly since then. Thanks for the support y’all.

That’s nearly identical to what happened to me. Now that I know it wasn’t just me, I will see if someone can look into this as a possible bug. Glad you figured it out and came back to let us know ;).

I’d appreciate that. Save some other schmo some time and headaches!

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I’ll let you know if they find anything!

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Hey @evanwhat!

Sorry for the delay! I have been told that the Republic team is aware if the issue and that they are working on it.


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