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How can i determine if my moto g7 is a moto g7 power or moto g7 play? model KT1962-1

Hi @warzo and welcome to the Community!

Model XT1962-1 is the Republic compatible Moto G7 (no Play or Power). You’ll see that and other important information noted here: Motorola moto g⁷ – Republic Wireless.

Hi @warzo and welcome to the Community.

If you are asking is there a way to see what model your Moto G7 is through a menu on the phone the answer is yes.

Settings>System>About phone>Model & hardware. The window that opens will list Model, Serial number, Hardware version and Model number (SKU).

XT1962-1 for Moto G7
XT1955-5 for Moto G7 Power
XT1952-4 for Moto G7 Play

Here’s an article with lots of information (including model numbers) for supported phones and BYOP phones.

Hopefully your question is answered between what @rolandh and I supplied!


Roland, Thank you, you’ve answered my question. jerry w

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