Typing in support ticket response, screen won't scroll (using chrome and huawei 5w)

I opened a ticket for my Huawei 5w for the speakerphone echo issue that some of us are experiencing (the response was that the issue is being investigated and is considered a “bug”. It wasn’t 100% clear in the response if this is thought to be hardware issue or a software issue.).

Anyway, while responding on the phone to the help ticket response (using Chrome), I noticed that when I clicked in the response/text input box to start typing, I could respond, but I could not scroll the screen at all. This meant a.) I couldn’t see all the text I had input and b.) that I couldn’t move the screen to click “send” or “submit” or whatever that button would have been called.

Of note: I was attempting to move my finger through the text box to move the cursor/change where I was typing, and I also moved my finger outside of the box itself to try to move the whole page. Neither worked. On my Moto x1, I could scroll around in cases such as this til my heart burst with joy.

Any insight as to whether this is a perk of a low-cost phone or if this is a user error?


I don’t have the Huawei phone, but, my guess is that it is a browser issue, not a phone issue. The Chrome browser may have issues with the Huawei phone. Or, maybe it’s the other way around. Either way, it sounds like a browser issue. I recommend downloading the Firefox browser.

Firefox for mobile is much improved. As beachb said, try it out. You can also try requesting the desktop site, which has solved similar issues for me.

Using Firefox resolves the scrolling snag.

Thanks for the tip! A little bummer to not use chrome, but glad there’s a workaround.

You probably could if you pressed the 3 dots to the right of the address bar and requested the desktop site. I can’t type on these forums with Chrome unless I do that.

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