UICC Unlock dialog popping up regularly on Moto E2

Hello, did a search concerning this issue but the most recent one appears to be from 2017. A message appears and it needs to be accepted in order to be able to use the phone. Does this represent any type of malware or as the last post indicated, basically just a nuisance? Neither my husband nor I have one iota of tech ability so this is all very perplexing and we have no idea what it all means. Thanks!

The UICC UNLOCK has been updated. Your device has been unlocked to support an international UICC as well as your Sprint UICC.

Simply a nuisance. Say “OK” and move on, nothing to be concerned with.


Hi @marias.l51kkj,

@louisdi is correct, it’s just a nuisance. Please know, however, this notice may continue to show up from time to time. At least, that’s my experience with the still active Moto E2 in my household. Should that be your experience, you’ll need to dismiss it as needed and carry on.


Thanks so much for your assistance, grateful!


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