Ultra power saving mode and Google Messenger, Samsung Galaxy S7


How do I get Messenger working on the Samsung Galaxy S7 in “Ultra Power Saving Mode”?

When selecting “Ultra Power Saving Mode”, Republic reminds me to change to the G Messenger App.

When selecting USE MESSENGER, the only option available is MESSAGES.

When using MESSAGES, some text msg are not downloaded and when clicking on it it still does not download.

How do I get Google Messenger working in ULTRA POWER SAVING MODE?


You inspired me to investigate Ultra Power Savings Mode on my S7 where I encountered the same thing and couldn’t find a way around it. This is something that will have to be worked out between RW and Samsung. Please open a service ticket and let us know what RW support has to say about it.

A Google search found a fix for this on the S5 but that fix requires root access:

Add Any Apps to Ultra Power-Saving Mode on the Galaxy S5 « Samsung Galaxy S5

Edit: A Google search specific to the S7 finds lots of interest in improving this feature. This app is said to work on a rooted S7:

UPSM Manager [ROOT] - Android Apps on Google Play