Unable to access cell data after purchase

I am having a similar issue. I purchased data but have no idea how to access it when I am away from a wifi signal or connection. Where do I start to understand? I have a MotorolaG6.Thanks for any help.

Hi @arlieh

I moved your question to it’s own topic so that you can get help specific to your situation. To start, are you able to login to your Republic account and see the data purchase? To check, please login to your account at the following link:


If you see the purchase, the next step is to open the Republic Wireless app. On the screen titled “My Data” do you see a data amount that meets your expectations based on your purchase?

If you are asking about WHEN it is used, it is used automatically whenever you are not logged into a wifi network and you have a cellular connection. You don’t need to do anything special as long as you haven’t done anything specific to disable or turn it off thru any of the phone settings.

I cannot see any receipt of having paid $5 for data, and when I log in to Republic, it asks if I want to add data. Where would it have been recorded if I did pay?

And when I go to settings Data Usage, it says I’ve used 28.45 MB of data used. Does this refer to what I thought I was purchasing - or is it just an accounting of data used whenever I was on wifi?

I do see data purchase for June 14 but it shows 0$

OOPS, then it shows
Data Credit


My Choice Data


I haven’t used the Internet outside of wifi since I bought the data, so what is using it up? or is the 28.45 MB something else?

Thanks for getting back to the Community.

When you go to Settings > Data usage, that is the phone reporting all cell data the phone has used. This includes cell data used for talk and text. This data used for talk and text is not data that you explicitly pay for. The cost of that data is included in the Unlimited Talk and Text charge.

The best place to see how much of the cell data you pay for is using the Republic Wireless app on your phone. When you open the app, it should show you how much cell data you have used for apps. It should also show you which plan option you are on. At the bottom of the screen you should see “My choice + XX GB”.

Ok, I did what was intially said, went to My Data and it doesn’t show the $5 worth I bought (unless it was used up?) I am pretty lost on this!

The data expires at the end of each monthy billing cycle.

Please try the following to refresh the Republic activation for you phone. Sometimes this can get a data purchase to start working.:

Open the phone/dialer app, use the keypad to dial ##8647##

Don’t press the call button, the display will clear on its own. A white arc notification icon will reappear shortly.

(If the white arc notification icon does not reappear, restart your phone.
The white arc should then appear after your phone restarts.)

Please note, this won’t erase any of your personal information.

Is the Republic Wireless App on my phone the little upside down smiley mouth in white with background green?

It is if the arc is green.

WHAT!!?!? Even though I couldn’t use it?

Oh I’m just gonna forget it. Can’t deal with all this! Thanks for trying to help!

You get Up To a month to use it depending on billing cycle and time of purchase within the cycle.

I use maybe 100 MB of my 1GB every month. YMMV

The problem with adding features to an app is that people have to know how to use the device and app from the very beginning, catching up is not in my timeframe!

I’m sorry to hear that. The app just shows the data you are being charged for. The data shown on the phone is for ALL data used by the phone, which includes free data used by rw for texting and other housekeeping in addition to what you have to pay for to surf on the cellular network.

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