Unable to access internet and send/receive texts on cellular

What phone do you have? Moto X4

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1 GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes data

Issue Description

I have had my Moto X4 for 1+ year and recently started having issues with accessing the internet and sending/receiving texts when on cellular. This may have coincided with a system update; however, I’m not sure. I have the latest Republic app and am updated to Android 9. Any suggestions?

Is the Republic App reporting any Notifications (1 finger swipe down)

I have had issues too for about 2 weeks it seems. I cannot use google when on the road as I have for years. That’s OK Google! I can’t send texts as I have before. I get a red message under the text stating “Not sent. Tap to try again” end result is the text not sent. I have also been not receiving all my texts till I get to a wifi area. I have reset the phone credentials a few times & triple checked all normal settings and they seem to be ok now. I did find the messages turned off & turned them back on, I am using Anywhere as my text client. I still have text issues away from wifi and Cell does not seem all there for texting

The message is “Calls over cell. No access to messages or voicemails. Check your network connection.” This happens when I am with a family member who also has Republic Wireless and has no issues. Most recently when I was with someone with a Google Pixel 2xl.

I have this same issue again. the only way I can get it to work is to restart my phone. I have a Moto G4 with android 7.0 I had this problem a while back and it was solved with a RW app update I know I just updated to the newest RW app,but, this did not solve it. Looking att the people who have been having problems it seems it is only the ones with Motorola phones, am I missing something? maybe these phones are not really compatible with RW. I am starting to get frustrated with this as I use my phone for work and I need one that works.

Hi @timg.g8r326,

Would you mind sharing your Zip code so our Community can help evaluate your coverage?

@jenniferw.vzjadb and @bocephous, does rebooting resolve the issue for you as @timg.g8r326 describes?

Could all of you be experiencing what @billg has described, here?

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yes. am actually using my phone 98226 and 98230 and have the same problem. at both places i have Wifi access at both, this only happens maybe twice a week. I never have problems when I am running around only at home and work,

Rebooting does nothing, getting into any wifi area seems to cure my text issues. Yes i do have a GSM sim card…
zip code 44130 Cleveland suburbs

Hi @timg.g8r326,

It looks like we could very likely improve your coverage experience with a different SIM card. Would you mind opening a ticket and providing the information described in the article below, and let them know you’re having trouble maintaining connectivity currently?

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Hi @jenniferw.vzjadb,

I believe your experience could also be improved with a different SIM card. Could you also open a Help Ticket and provide the info requested in the article linked below, and a description of the issues you are having?

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Hi @bocephous,

If rebooting does nothing, then your issue is not the same one BillG detailed for us.

Coverage with either SIM card looks about the same for your area.

Are you sure you have data enabled in the Android settings and have Data Freeze turned off in the RW app. Do you have the Data warning set in Android settings? Do you have any battery-optimizing apps or performance enhancing apps engaged on the phone?

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I will double check all that and update my post with actual answers and not winging it like some people do. I really would like to fix this but it hasn’t really been a huge issue with so much WiFi at hand in the Cleveland area.

I think the AVG battery saver got triggered but won’t be sure for a couple days yet.

Hi @jenniferw.vzjadb,

I see you were able to get this issue resolved with a technician in chat, and @timg.g8r326, your issue is something different that is also being worked through with our help team.

Since this topic is attracting multiple different issues rather than a single focused issue, I’m going to close the topic. @bocephous, please open a support ticket if your issue persists.

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