Unable to access voice mail

How can I get my phone to quit asking for a password when I want to check voice mail? How can I get my phone to accept the password that I put in for voice mail using the republic wireless app? I have followed the directions on the app over 5 times. Sometimes it works, but even when it does work the next day I am asked for a password and again told that it is not correct.

Change to Dial-in Access to Voicemail

it no longer possible to not have to enter password to access voicemail when dialing in

to access the visual voicemail feature (no password need)

  • just open up the dialer (phone)
  • tap the 3 vertical dot menu and go to call history
  • then tap the voicemail tap
  • the tap the entry
  • tap listen

as for issues when entering the password it works best if you wait a second or 2 between digits

some have reported better success when they turn WiFi Off

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