Unable to answer private number

Unable to answer private number.
Why would a number that I have in my contacts show as a private number when they call me, and why am I unable to answer the call?

This usually happens when the caller has blocked outgoing caller ID information.
You should still be able to answer a call even if it says "private number"...if you are unable to do so...you likely have enabled the setting on your phone that only accepts incoming calls from people in your contact list.

I’ll add to this. Seeing the same thing with out Galaxy J3 phone.

Displays as a private number. Phone rings and you are literally unable to answer the call. It continues ringing indefinitely until you swipe to ‘hang up’ instead of ‘answer call’.

May be a glitch of sorts and not even a valid phone call. Who knows? Any other answers for this or any others experiencing this happening?

I’m unable to duplicate this experience using the Samsung Galaxy J3 in my household even with the J3’s “Block anonymous calls” feature enabled. Nevertheless, you might peak at Phone app -> More -> Settings -> Call blocking -> Block list. If Block anonymous calls is toggled on try toggling it off.

If the above doesn’t help, do you have any call blocking or filtering apps installed on your J3?

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