Unable to block a phone number


Moto G5 Plus - I routinely block phone numbers I don’t want to receive, but I have one (775-145-6463) when trying to block it I get the message “(775) 145-6463 is invalid.” Is there another way to block that number?
I just found I can go Phone > Settings > Call Blocking > ADD A NUMBER and I was able to add that number manually even thought it is an invalid number. Maybe that will fix the problem.


Is the 775-145-6463 the actual number that you want to block or just an example, because the exchange 145 is invalid as no exchange less than 200 is allowed in the telephone numbering scheme?

This appears to be caller ID spoofing and someone has found a way to prevent call blockers ability to block calls.


It is the actual number.
I found later I could go into Phone > Settings > Block Calls and there you
can enter even invalid numbers. I added the bogus number and I will see if
they continue to get through or are not blocked. They call every day.


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