Unable to call and text w/o WiFi

Am frustrated I can’t find a solution to the following problem.
Both my daughter and granddaughter have identical Moto e4 phones (purchased around Christmas) and are both on the “just talk and text” plans. The only difference is that my daughter purchased her phone and my granddaughter’s was a gift from me which will be covered under my RW account). The problem is that when WiFi is NOT available my granddaughter can send and receive phone calls and texts and my daughter can’t, even when they are at the same location. I have checked all the settings (Cell and roaming data enabled) by comparing both phones next to each other and they’re identical. (I will continue to search the Community Forum for a solution).
What might I be missing???

Hi @compguy63,

I’m very sorry such a situation has lead to your frustration.

You say that even when they are in the same location, one phone succeeds when the other fails. Have you ever noticed what the phones indicate as far as cellular strength (bars) and cellular data (3G, LTE) in these situations? I’m wondering if perhaps each of the two phones has a different type of SIM, and perhaps by replacing the SIM on your daughter’s phone, we might be able to improve her coverage.

If this is the case, it would be easy enough for our support team to resolve. If your daughter (the account owner) would open a support ticket explaining that she cannot call or text when away from Wi-Fi, our technicians will be glad to look into whether it’s a coverage issue easily resolved with a new SIM card, or something else. If she’ll let them know your granddaughter’s identical phone performs correctly in the same locations, and if she’ll go ahead and provide two or three addresses where the phone has failed to call or text, that will help them begin to research the issue more quickly.

To do a quick check to determine if both are the same (GSM or CDMA)
Following taken from a hint by @louisdi
Please try this on both of your phones:

  • Launch the dialer as if you were going to make a call.
  • Tap the numeric keypad icon.
  • Dial *#*#786#*#*
  • What does each phone do?
    • If the screen just clears it is on the GSM Carrier
    • If the screen shows a SprintDM screen it is on the CDMA Carrier (Sprint)

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