Unable to call in to Republic phone, blocked?


I just got a new Straight Talk home phone because Republic isn’t working at home. I can call from the home phone to my own Republic 2.0 Moto G3, but I can’t call my wife’s, same phone, same plan.
Straight Talk says it’s not on their end, and my wife’s republic can call into the home phone but not the other way around.
I get an error recording saying, "We’re sorry, the number you have dialed has calling restrictions that have prevented the completion of your call."
I can’t find any way to block or unblock numbers. Why is her phone not accepting the call?


Create a ticket with Republic’s support giving as much details as you can [carrier, area code and prefix]


In that ticket, it may help if you clearly define where each the calls originated and if the phones were on WiFi or Cell at the time of failures as where the receiving phone was and was it on WiFi or Cell.

  • When you say Republic isn’t working at home, could you provide a bit more details … do you have WiFi? What is the level of the available Cell signals etc (#bars at least, results of an app like Network Cell Info Lite preferred)
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