Unable to call Playstation Technical Support

Pixel 2 XL

$20 Text/Voice/1GB

When calling PlayStation technical support at 800 - 345 - 7669, I hear the following pre-recorded message:

We are sorry, your call did not go through. Please contact us through a registered land line or cellular provider.

Then the call drops.

Any suggestions on how to make a call to them?

Works fine for me.
Pixel 3.

Well, i get the automated Phone support is closed message that is.

Does this occur on WiFi, over cell or both?

I get the same thing, @zipler, for both Wi-Fi and cell calls. I also get the same recording when I try calling from my Google Voice number. They’ve apparently decided to block incoming calls from VoIP numbers.

Can you accomplish what you need to do online? https://support.playstation.com/s/repair-services?language=en_US

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I can get through as @SpeedingCheetah on one RW line and not the other. The line with RW issued # is the one that doesn’t.


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I can’t get through on my RW line or my GV line (all 3 of them). Strangely, I can get through using my Dialpad line. I say strangely because they’re all actually bandwidth.com numbers.

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well. i just called that number from my RW phone, my home Google Voice phone, and even from Skype…it rang through fine to a automated message from Sony PS Support that they have too much call volume and to call back later and it hung up.

If you ever get through, maybe you can conference @zipler in! :grin:

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I didn’t think to disconnect from WiFi, but I tried that earlier and it still did not work.

It seems there are mixed results with calling in for others with republic wireless, which is strange. I have never had an issue calling in using republic wireless before (though, I don’t make a habit of it, and haven’t called in probably a year or more)

Anyway, I ended up calling from my work phone, and waited for about 45 minutes…

Based on their wait times and chat queue, I would guess this was an intentional step to drive down call volume rather than hire more reps… :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for trying…

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