Unable to connect to WiFi at McDonalds

When I try to connect to WiFi at McDonald’s the phone finds the signal but says it is not safe and won’t let me use it. How do I fix this?

What phone?

Who is the source of the ‘not safe’ screen … perhaps a screenshot would help, as this is not normal … AT&T provides the free WiFi at over 11000 McDonalds

I got the same certificate warning when connecting to an AT&T hotspot in Home Depot recently. I was able to continue past it on my 1st Gen Moto X

The same thing happens to me. I believe Google Chrome says the network is unsafe and won’t allow you to connect to it. Anyhow, I’ve always found McDonald’s to be the worst open public WiFi out there, Try another browser like Firefox and see if you can get pass it.

Thankfully, I don’t need to connect to public WiFi very often.

I have chrome and Firefox and they both did the same thing, so next time I am there I will take a screen shot and send it . Also when I check the phone it shows me connected to there WiFi. My phone is moto g 3rd gen and I and using android version 5.1.1. Thanks for all you help and I just wanted to tell you that I have used my tablet there many times so this has got me scratching my head.

We are not the only ones. Samsung Galaxy S7 won’t connect to public Wifi (e… - Page 2 - Samsung Community - 26278

The McDonalds grid has been intermittently down for a couple days, or at least in northern Ohio. Difficulties were said to be on Att’s end.

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Sounds like an issue on the WiFi hotspot provider’s side.

My experience was months ago. So this isn’t a new issue.

I agree since I was able to connect to the local tire shop’s WiFi shortly after my issue with McDonald’s. Like I said, McDonald’s WiFi is the worst of the worst.


My wife is a Asst Mgr at Mickey D’s & the wifi is always an issue. Recently, more so now, since her store is 4 days old (brand spankin NEW) has updated Modem/routers. They are suppose to handle multiple streaming simultaneously but Personally haven’t seen it. I will do some checks and screenshots next time I am there (probably Monday 1pm). I will see how strong their service is.

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     Because of close proximity I get a lot of Bob Evans bleed over inside Mc D's. I can probably test theirs too. I will try 2.4g and 5g (never tried 5G there) to see any connection or difference. Tonight (sunday evening) I logged into Bob's because it was a faster wifi lock on service. Didn't really care as wifi was wifi for the billiards game I was playing till she was off work.
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