Unable to connect to wifi, receiving 400 error code


In the past, I have been able to connect to the wifi service at work with no problems. But a few days ago I began receiving a 400 error (“the request is invalid due to malformed syntax or invalid data”) when attempting to connect to that wifi service. I’ve cleared the cached data (most of it; the remaining 2.9 mb will not clear and it never clears to 0) and I’ve also updated my profile in the settings.

Coworkers with other phone carriers are able to connect to the wifi without any problems, so it appears to be a problem with my phone (Moto E). Can someone help me with this 400 error?


I recommend the following steps in the Settings- WiFi screen.

Press and hold on the wireless network.
Tap Forget.
Tap on the wireless network again.
Enter your password. If you want to make sure it’s correct, you can tap Show password.


Is your issue limited to the Chrome browser or do you not have access to any WiFi data?


Removing the original wifi (“forget”) worked. Thank you for your help!


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